1:00 Pm, Working Down at dee Ol' Gas Station

Lucille O'Peach was in the hot sun, now hot tears streaking down her face. "Pa, are we done yet?"

"Just a few minutes, Lucy. I see Mr. Rogerson heading this way. We have to impress them, remember?"

"Ugh!" Lucy protested. "I...am...dying...of...heat...though!"

"I know, hon. It'll be just a few minutes."

An hour later, Lucille had fainted. "Oh goodness...oh, Lordie, oh no, oh...Lordie Lu!"

"Lu, Lu, Lucy! Lucy, wake up!" he shook his dear daughter's shoulders. But she did not wake up. Ten minutes passed, and all of a sudden her big blue eyes flipped open like a caterpillar finally getting out of it's cocoon.

"Oh, Praise the Lord, have mercy on me!" he planted a big kiss on her cheek and she cringed.

Lucille Peach did not die!

6:00 Pm, Making Dinner at Home

"Oh, Lordie, Lucille, that was a scary moment for me. Whoo! I had sweat drippin' down my face."

"I know, Dad, you've told me that five times."

"Have I? Oh, Lordie me, I apologize, Lucy. Hey, toss me the spaghetti sauce!"

Lucille sighed. She was living with a nutball in a nutball cage. She chucked the can of spaghtetti sauce to her father.

"Thank ya, darlin'!" he yelled, chuckling.

All of a sudden the phone rang. The phone NEVER rang. NEVER.

Lucy's hands started shaking, and so did her father's.

"I-I'll get it, Pa," she stuttered. She picked it up. "No, she died a year ago, this is her daughter."

"Oh," said the voice on the phone. "Well, I am Mrs. Loo-on, I am very important so I'm sure you've heard of me"--Lucille had not heard of her--"and I am calling to invite you to a dinner party tonight. At Country Clubs Inn and Suites. Be there 5 o'clock sharp."

"Uh...uh...well, THANK YOU!" Lucille screamed, and hung up.

"Dad, we were invited to a fancy dinner party by someone important named Mrs. Loo-on!"

"Mrs. Loo-on? Ugh, the jerk. I remember her from high school. Rosalina Loo-on was the name. People thought of her as a snob. A snob and a goddess, they called her. Because she was so snobby, but so pretty."

"Interesting. Well, WE WERE INVITED! Can we go, Dad, oh, please, Father, can we go?"

He took in a deep breath. "Yeeees, we can go. But don't let me get sucked in to that jerk. Sometimes she can trick ya with her looks. But she's a cold-hearted snake on the inside."

"Ok, ok, Dad. We have to buy something fancy, don't we?"

"We ain't got the luxuries of fancy, I tell ya. But you can grab your nicest pair of overalls, whaddaya say? And then we can head off."

"Dad! Can we at least buy a cheap brush or something? I don't even have a hair brush, or ONE dress."

"Like I said before, Lucy, we ain't got the luxuries here in Hyde Plaza. We are almost stony broke, and we ain't got no time for hair brushes. So just go throw on what I told ya to."

As Lucille ran upstairs, squealing, because she was going to her first fancy dinner party, Father thought about how Rosalina Loo-on was so beautiful but so cruel. Ever since his wife died, he had been developing more and more of a crush on that woman. But he couldn't let himself! Rosalina was not a good person. "Don't let yourself," he muttered to himself. "You are smarter than that."

At 5 o'clock sharp, Lucille O'Peach and Father were standing at a fancy dinner party in matching ripped overalls. Lucille looked at the girls and women around her. They all had elegant blue dresses and diamond necklaces.

Father searched the crowds for Rosalina Loo-on. Then he saw her. She looked just striking tonight. She had on a rose pink dress to her ankles that fit her just perfectly, and a diamond necklace just below her neck. He found himself slipping away, falling in love. Then, like a smack in the face, he reminded himself Rosalina Loo-on was NOT a good person, no matter how pretty she was.

He walked over to her. "Well, hello, Mrs. Loo-on. Fancy meeting you again," he said, holding out his hand, which she ignored and scoffed at him. She had a glass of wine in her hand. "Um, Maid, will you get him a glass of wine?" a woman in an apron next to her scattered off.

"Well, well," Rosalina Loo-on said, stroking her chin. "We meet again. I remember you from high school. You were a golfing geek. Hmph."

"I sure was, m'lady," Father agreed. "Still love it now. Although I don't have as much time, on account of me bad hip, and so much time down at dee good ol' gas station."

"Ugh," Mrs. Loo-on rolled her eyes. "What a moron," she commented to the rich woman next to her.

"You are the husband of Tina Turne, aren't you?" the fancy woman next to Loo-on said.

"I am, yes."

"Hmph. She was a beauty, that lady. Mrs. Loo-on's only competition."

"Oh, I know," Mrs. Loo-on agreed, laughing snottily with her friend. "That woman really pissed me off, she did."

"Well, she's dead now," Father remarked.

"True," Loo-on agreed, laughing heartily.

Father glared at her and said through gritted teeth, "You two are snotbags."

"Why, thank you," Rosalina replied, grinning at him.

"Hey...Rick, why don't we go on a date sometime?" Mrs. Loo-on suggested, eyeing him. "To, ya know, Candelight? Or Green Lantern?"

"O-oh, well, I would l-love that," Father agreed, starstruck.

"Great, I'll see you soon. 7:00 sharp. Be there," she instructed. "Tomorrow."

"Candelight or Green Lantern?" Father demanded.

"Green Lantern. It's more expensive for my taste," she said, smiling at him.

7:00 Pm, at Green Lantern

"I'm so glad you met me here, Rick," Mrs. Loo-on commented.

She was wearing a long red dress. "Rosalina...I must say, I am glad too. And...I've been thinking and, well, I have something to ask you."

Father got down on one knee. "Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!" Mrs. Loo-on screamed.

"Rosalina Primrose Loo-on, will you do me the favor of letting me spend the rest of my life with you?"

"O-of course!" she accepted, fluttering her eyelashes. Her curly blond hair bounced up and down as she flipped it behind her shoulders.

That night, Rick had a dream. A dream about his dead wife, Tina. She was wearing a stunning purple dress, and her shiny dark brown hair was flying behind her. "Rick, Rick, don't do it..." she was saying. "Don't marry a snob, a woman with a cold heart. Are you that naive? Her looks are too much for you to take. You must remind herself, she is not your match...she has a cold heart."

Father woke up in a cold sweat. "Tina, Tina, my darling, Tina, you are right! I am SO naive! I just proposed to Rosalina Loo-on! What have I DONE?"

He realized he needed to call Rosalina right away and say, "No. I can't marry you."

Lucille's footsteps approached, and there she was, in her lacey blue nightgown. "Dad? Are you okay? Why are you saying Mom's name? And talking about proposing to Mrs. Loo-on?"

"Lucy...I must tell you something. I proposed to Mrs. Loo-on yesterday."

Lucy froze in shock and horror, and her mouth dropped. "No. No. This isn't happening. What were you thinking?"

"I don't know. I was so dumb. So naive. I have to fix this here, and now."

2:00 Pm, At Home

Father dialed her number. She picked up. "Helllooo, newly engaged husband," she said.



"No, Rosalina. I am not marrying a snob like you. It was a mistake. Heart over looks. You have a cold heart. I'm not engaged to you anymore."

He hung up.

And that's when Rick O'Peach woke up. He was lying in his bed, and Tina, his wife, came in to give him some cough drops. She took his temperature. "Oh, you poor thing! You've been screaming all night. Usually when I'm sick, I have nightmares too."

"I'm so glad I'm engaged to you, Tina," Rick said breathlessly. "Not Rosalina Loo-on."

Tina laughed. "Me too, hon!"

Lucille came in. "Phew, Dad's okay!"

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